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Tracy Stull


Confident Choices Realty Group was started by Jim and Tracy Stull to afford their clients the education and guidance they did not receive on their first foray down the path to home ownership. They do this For clients in both the Triangle and Triad of North Carolina with the decades of experience they have gained in both real estate and construction working on behalf of their clients as well as themselves.

Because Jim has his Home Inspectors License as well as his General Contractor's License he can provide insight to the condition and potential red flags of properties being considered much earlier in the process than most other REALTORS are able to. This helps their clients avoid potential problem properties before money is expended. It also means fears can be put to rest so aggressive strategies can be used for purchase when the situation warrants it.

Tracy has the uncanny ability to see through her client's eyes to help them find the property that will perfectly suit their wishes and needs. She also helps them with the vision to see through the eyes of others and the opportunities they might not have seen on their own. She is a skilled negotiator and keeps her clients best interest first and foremost. Tracy is exceptionally responsive and available to her clients and makes sure they are kept apprised every step of the process.

Making sure they provide second to none service and the education their clients need to make their own "Confident Choices" Jim and Tracy work tirelessly to be the team that is top of mind for everyone's real estate needs.